Blogging and Social Media

Most businesses are turning to blogging to create good quality, live content. Blogging about your business and what you know will demonstrate knowledge, build credibility and help you to gain trust in your market. Better engagement with customers through blogging and social media is the way to go.

Amazingly, there are businesses who have never had to invest in search engine marketing because their website naturally brings traffic as a result of consistently publishing new blog posts about topics that interest them and their market.Blogging can drive more search engine traffic to your site. Google loves good quality content and so will your visitors. Once you start to share your posts and interact through social media you will have a whole new audience.

Social media is a major player in the online presence for any business. Channels include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs and so many more.

-Feeding your blog out automatically to these channels every time you create a new post is a great way to spread the word and grow your online audience.

-Allowing your visitors to interact with you and share your content builds online relationships and trust. Adding sharing buttons to posts lets you do this.

-Showing social media feeds (a list of Tweets or Facebook updates) on your website can be a great marketing tool for the right industry sectors.

Your website becomes the hub for all of your online activity, you can refer people back to your blog and to your website through adding a link to any Tweet, update or image. Driving traffic back to your site and growing your online credibility is what it is all about.